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MN AgMag9 hours agoThe Dakota Rice Corn and Soybean Growers donated 5 book bundles to the Greenvale Elementary school in Northfield! Do you know any classrooms that could utilize agricultural education resources? Check out out website for resources like these and much more!
MN AgMag1 day agoDid you know that Stearns County ranks 1st in total agricultural production in Minnesota? They are also #1 in all cattle, dairy cows, and total livestock production! Learn more about Stearns County agriculture along with the other 86 counties in Minnesota at our Ag Mag website! #FarmFactFriday Learn more here:
MN AgMag3 days agoExplore geography, climate, and agriculture products across Minnesota on our NEW interactive Ag Mag Website! Find fun activities like this and more at
MN AgMag5 days agoGrants, Teacher Award, MEA, Turkey Farm Virtual Field Trip and More!
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