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MN AgMag2 days agoExplore geography, climate, and agriculture products across Minnesota on our NEW interactive Ag Mag Website! Find fun activities like this and more at http://mnagmag.org/ http://mnagmag.org/archive/agmag-archive/agmag-2017-2018/agmag-fall-2017-2018/agmag-fall-2017-2019-online-edition/what-grows-where/
MN AgMag3 days agoGrants, Teacher Award, MEA, Turkey Farm Virtual Field Trip and More!
MN AgMag4 days agoK-2 teachers, this apple lesson is perfect for fall! Students will use the five senses to investigate apples, identify and model the parts of an apple, make applesauce, and learn how apples are grown! #MaitcMatrixMonday Learn more here: https://minnesota.agclassroom.org/matrix/lessonplan.cfm?lpid=374&author_state=0&grade=0
MN AgMag5 days agoWe love attending Minnesota Alliance for Geographic Education's Geofest and sharing MAITC resources! #mngeofest
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