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Source Relay

Students identify the original source of items they use everyday such as T-shirts, blue jeans, footballs, pizza, and cheeseburgers. A fast and fun relay format gets the students actively engaged in thinking about the plant and animal origins of food, fuel, shelter and clothing.

Agriculture Regions in Minnesota

Students create 3-D maps that show where crops are grown in Minnesota. The maps allow students to investigate and see how Minnesota’s vegetation regions offer distinct soils and growing patterns for different types of crops. These regions have influenced the development of cities and transportation systems throughout our state.

Three Sisters Garden

Students will investigate the three sisters crops and explore the benefit to planting these crops together. Native American Legends as well as plant growth will be involved in this investigation.

Agricultural Imports-Exports and the Minnesota Connection

Students identify the important trading partners of the United States and the impact that Minnesota has on global exports and trade. Students develop their abilities to connect and integrate knowledge from all disciplines into their own knowledge bases.

Pizza Time

This lesson uses pizza as a basis for learning about agriculture, geography and mathematics.

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