AgMag Winter 2015-2016 Lesson and Activity Ideas

Lesson Ideas

Where Does Your Food Come From?: An Augmented Reality Lesson

Using an interest-based approach, students will create an augmented reality video using a smart phone application (app) to educate consumers about where their food comes from.

Soybeans to Car Parts

Students investigate the collaborative work of an agricultural scientist and engineer to find new uses for an agriculture product (soybeans)

Trading Favorites

Students explore global trade by assuming the role of an exporter and importer. True-to-life scenarios are given to students to research.

Activity Ideas

  • Identify students’ favorite foods and research how each food or ingredient moves through the steps of the agricultural cycle (production, processing, distributing, marketing and consuming.
  • Investigate how the agricultural changes listed on page 7 such as new technology, hybrid seeds, commercial fertilizers and crop protection chemicals have impacted corn and soybean production in Minnesota. The Minnesota Corn Growers Association and Minnesota Soybean Growers Association might be helpful in this investigation.

Additional MAITC Resources