AgMag Fall 2016/17 Lesson & Activity Ideas

Lesson Ideas

Milk Makin' Math

In this lesson, students will learn about the numerous career opportunities involved in the dairy industry. They will also practice real world math problems related to specific careers within the industry.

Career Trek

Students will explore careers in the fields of agriculture and natural resources through online research. They will check their understanding by playing Career Trek?"a board game that requires students to identify careers in agriculture and natural resources.

Food on the Move: Food Transportation Specialist

In this lesson, students will learn about the top agricultural commodities of different regions of California and the logistics that are involved in transporting those commodities to consumers.

Agricultural Regions in Minnesota - AgVenture

Students learn about Minnesota? s vegetation, soil and growing patterns and how they influence the crops grown in regions of our state.

Apple Taste Testing - AgVenture

Students will explore the factors that influence consumers? decision with the food they buy and eat.

Farmer George: The Seeds of a Presidency

Students will read two books and pursue a process of inquiry to profile George Washington, understanding and evaluating the personal characteristics that made him a great leader while also exploring historical and modern food systems.

Activity Ideas

  • Identify students? favorite foods and research how each food or ingredient moves through the steps of the agricultural cycle (production, processing, distributing, marketing and consuming).
  • Give students a list of agricultural career pathways and have them create a poster about a career they might be interested in.
  • Students can create their own ?state seal? that represents them, using their own favorite agricultural products and items

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