State Agriculture Symbols

Are you symbol savvy?

A symbol can take the place of words when it’s the right picture or design. You quickly understand what the symbol stands for. When we see the state flag or state seal, we think “Minnesota.” A symbol can also be something that is not a design or photo but represents special things about Minnesota. Our state legislature has chosen many items from agriculture as official symbols to represent our state.

Did you know?

Minnesota has an official state soil type. In 2012 Gov. Dayton signed a bill naming Lester as the official state soil of Minnesota. What is Lester, and where is it found?

... and Events

Minnesota’s State Fair

Have you been to the State Fair? Besides being a lot of fun, the fair is also about agriculture. In fact, it was started by the Minnesota Agricultural Society as a way to promote agriculture. The first State Fair was held in 1859, one year after Minnesota became a state. 

County Fairs

Just about every county in Minnesota has its own fair. Each county fair will spotlight the agriculture that is important in that region. Have you been to your county fair? What kinds of plants and animals did you see there?