Agriculture is More Than Farming!


Photos Courtesy University of Minnesota Agricultural Experiement Station

Agriculture is our nation's largest industry. More than 20 million Americans work in agriculture. They have jobs in:

  • Production: growing and harvesting plants; raising animals.
  • Processing: changing raw materials into many different things.
  • Distribution: getting the products to us.

Careers in the Ag System

Move each job title into the correct part of the agriculture system.

Which jobs do you think you would like?


Growing and harvesting plants and raising animals.


Changing raw materials into many different things.


Getting the products to us.

You win!

Animal Physiologist

Conducts research to observe and discover how animals react to factors such as temperature, air quality, disease, diet, and poisons.

Restaurant Owner

Responsible for all aspects of the restaurant. This includes overseeing, ordering and tracking all of the food, supplies, and equipment. The owner also must hire and manage employees who prepare and serve food.


Helps people look and feel well by making the connection between food, nutrition, and health.

Soil Scientist

Studies soil and investigates how different types of soil respond to certain conditions such as flood, drought, and chemical and physical changes.

Ranch Manager

Oversees cattle or sheep on a large land area. Monitors grazing land to ensure livestock are properly fed and good health is maintained.

Greenhouse Manager

Responsible for the daily operations involved with running a greenhouse or nursery. Must be knowledgeable about the stages of plant life and diseases that may occur.

Food Scientist

Uses knowledge of chemistry, biology, microbiology, and engineering to convert grain, meat, fruit, and vegetables into new food products.

Packaging Engineer

Engineers and designs packaging materials for food, animal care products, crop seeds, and other agricultural products.

Export Manager

Connects international buyers from across the world with sellers in the United States. The products that are bought and sold include raw agricultural goods like corn and soybeans or processed goods like potato chips and cereal.

Produce Inspector

Responsible for physically inspecting fresh produce during the growth and harvest process and grading the product in accordance to USDA guidelines.


Fly and navigate airplanes, helicopters, and other aircraft that carry goods from one location to another.

Social Media Strategist

Develops Internet content to engage with consumers and promote agricultural products like food, clothing, fuel, and many other items created from plants and animals.


Uses knowledge of biology to develop possible improvements to animal and plant production and to treat animal and plant diseases.

Food Transportation Specialist

Designs transportation systems, such as trucks, barges, trains, and planes, for perishable food and nursery products throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

Process Engineer

Studies the production and manufacturing of a product to make sure it is safe, produces a high-quality product, and can be done efficiently.