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MN AgMag5 days agoTeachers, subscribe to the AgMag or AgMag Jr. Series today! This FREE annual subscription (You must subscribe each school year) allows you to receive ag-themed magazines filled with engaging geography, history, and science content for K-6 learners. The fall issues will be mailed soon, so subscribe ASAP!
MN AgMag1 week agoIn this lesson for grades 3-5, students will create, read, and interpret graphs relating to the economic importance of the dairy industry and be challenged to understand the economic consequences of a day without dairy. #MaitcMatrixMonday See the full lesson here:
MN AgMag1 week agoSubscribe for the AgMag and apply for Grants and Teacher Awards!
MN AgMag1 week agoDid you know that the average age of a principal farm operator in Minnesota is 56.6? #FarmFactFriday
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