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MN AgMag4 days agoAs a companion to this weeks #MAITCMatrixMonday, send student to our online interactive platform where they can learn where evergreen trees are grown in Minnesota and how biomes affect where items are grown. Link - https://www.mnagmag.org/archive/agmag-archive/agmag-2016-2017/agmag-fall-2016-2017/agmag-fall-2016-2017-online-edition/what-is-a-biome/
MN AgMag5 days agoPODCAST TIME! Tune into this month's podcast to learn more about what it takes to grow the perfect Christmas tree while we sit down with Will Almendinger with Rum River Tree Farm & Nursery?. https://soundcloud.com/user-387867245/christmas-tree-farmer-maitc-december-podcast
MN AgMag6 days agoTeachers K-2 - Help your students learn about the life cycle of the conifer tree, types of trees and how they adapt, and the ecology of conifer trees! #MAITCMatrixMonday Link - https://minnesota.agclassroom.org/matrix/lessonplan.cfm?lpid=536&author_state=0&search_term_lp=christmas%20tree
MN AgMag1 week agoThank you to AgCountry Farm Credit Services for inviting us to be part of their Rural Perspectives podcast! Give it a listen at https://soundcloud.com/agcountry/ag-in-the-classroom-podcast
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What is it?

Corn - What Is It
  • Answer
  • Corn!¬†One ear of corn has about 16 rows and 800 kernels. The number of rows is always an even number.



Cows have a strong sense of smell. They can smell something up to six miles away!


What is a scarecrow's favorite fruit?

  • Answer
  • Straw-berries!