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MN AgMag21 hours agoDid the title of this lesson plan catch your eye? We hope so...give it a try in your classroom! #MatrixMonday https://minnesota.agclassroom.org/teacher/matrix/lessonplan.cfm?lpid=529&search_term_lp=build
MN AgMag3 days ago#FarmFactFriday
MN AgMag5 days agoThe beef page on our AgMag website is a great way for students to learn about the different stages of raising beef cattle: https://www.mnagmag.org/commodities/beef/beef-pages/beef-raising-beef-cattle/
MN AgMag6 days agoBIG NEWS! We're offering a Follow Your Food Teacher Tour on August 14-15th! We'll visit Riverside Farms to see how fruits and veggies are grown, follow them to be washed and cut at H. Brooks and Company, and finally visit a school where the produce is used in their nutrition program. Also included in this tour is the opportunity to learn techniques for digital storytelling in your classroom and curricula! This tour is limited to just 20 teachers so register ASAP at https://minnesota.agclassroom.org/programs/tour5_follow.cfm
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